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A Beautiful Success
By Ruthie DiTucci

Susan Constantine started her professional businesses in the wellness industry. Through the years, while hundreds of other business owners watched her develop and morph her entire business into a small empire, they did not attempt to grow or branch out. Many are still where they were when they all began their businesses together.

But Susan’s ability to tap into the human psyche and connect with “what people felt” versus “what they said” led many professionals that knew her to the realization that she had a keen ability for detecting her clients’ needs and their true internal conditions (despite what they were saying).

That ability was more than just a skill set and many of her professional friends in the legal arena, law enforcement and higher education realized that she could actually look at a person’s subconscious behavior and see into the individual’s mind.

As her spa businesses flourished, she too realized her abilities would be better served in a more professional capacity, not just aesthetics. While she continued developing her professional businesses, she had been simultaneously investing her spare time into writing her thesis, earning her bachelors degree, followed by her masters degree and now she’s working on her doctorate in psychology.

As a result, Susan built SILENT MESSAGES, a professional investigative firm where she participates in legal cases supporting both trial attorneys and prosecutors. Susan recently returned from Washington, D.C. where the Department of Justice, Defense and Homeland Security, held a joint training program where they brought her in to teach their top level military officers’ (and other professionals from all branches of service) on how to detect deception.

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