This award-winning foreign language learning program for young children is becoming the “must have” toy of 2014.

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Little Pim founder Julia Pimsleur

Little Pim’s line includes its popular apps, videos, books, flash cards, plush and sets to teach kids Spanish, French, Chinese and has programs in 11 languages.

“One of the best things parents can do for their kids in 2014 is to start teaching them a second language,” said Julia Pimsleur, CEO and founder of Little Pim.

“We offer exciting language learning tools specifically made for young children. We have seen an explosion of interest from parents – they know their kids are growing up in a world that’s becoming more and more global, and they also know that learning a second language carries many cognitive benefits. We’re excited to partner with retailers to help parents introduce their children to a second language at the age they learn best, which is before six.

Little Pim’s line features eleven languages in its core series and sells physical products such as books, flash cards and plush as well as digital products like vocabulary booster games in iTunes. Little Pim is also available on LeapFrog and VTech devices and comes preloaded on the Tabeo (Toys ‘R Us) tablet.

Brand new this year to the Little Pim collection is a Progress Tracking App that allows parents to track their child’s growing foreign language skills.

Available on iOS, the free app is easy-to-use, and can be used on its own, as a flash card game, or in conjunction with the Little Pim video series. Little Pim has also added English ESL flash cards to its ever-expanding collection. The entire flash card line introduces 45 words and phrases for mealtime, playtime and other daily activities.

TEACH YOUR CHILD A LANGUAGE: Follow your child’s language development by tracking their progress as they learn new words and phrases from the Little Pim language learning videos (also available in iTunes).

WORD BAG APP: Introduce your favorite baby, toddler or preschooler to basic words in Spanish or French as they play a magic word game with Little Pim the panda. Your kids will want to play Little Pim’s Word Bag again and again, while learning 27 everyday vocabulary words in a second language.

TALKING COLORING BOOK: Your children will love “painting” Little Pim as he bakes a cake, takes a bath and wakes up smiling (Choose from French, Spanish, Chinese, Italian, Hebrew, Japanese and English). Email-able too!

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